Corporate Vision

Nissan Chemical has a clear corporate vision We provide unique, high-quality products and services. We believe a strong focus on research and development is vital to maintaining our goals. Nissan Chemical takes great pride in the pursuit of a consistent business philosophy, which has resulted in consistent growth and development.

Continuing Nissan Chemical’s drive for improved technology, we have become a distinctive, revenue-generating enterprise through the use of precision organic synthesis, micro-particle control technologies, as well as advanced analysis and evaluation technologies.

Responsible Care

Chemical products are indispensable in our daily lives, but require careful handling. With the increasing concern for the environment and safety, chemical companies around the world have begun to take voluntary measures to assure safety and health, and to minimize environmental impact throughout the entire process of chemical product development, use and disposal. Such activities fall under the umbrella of “Responsible Care.” Nissan Chemical is one of the founding members of the Japan Responsible Care Council, which was organized in April 1995, and is actively pursuing these goals.

We aim to reduce, reuse and recycle raw materials through the development of environmentally friendly products from the design stage. At the same time, we set environmental preservation targets that are easy for outside observers to understand. Moreover, we will strengthen our efforts to more closely communicate with local governments and residents, as well as nearby corporations, by exchanging opinions on the environment and conducting guided tours of factories.


Nissan Chemical Corporation was founded in 1887 as the first chemical fertilizer manufacturer in Japan. Since then, Nissan Chemical has continuously aimed at innovation and now manufactures outstanding products in areas such as industrial chemicals, agrochemicals, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals.

1887 Founded as Tokyo JinzoHiryo. Later changed to Dainippon Jinzo Hiryo.
1923 Merged with Kanto Sanso, Nippon Kagaku Hiryo and became the largest Japanese chemical firm dealing in fertilizers, acids and alkali.
1928 Ammonia production facilities completed at the Toyama plant.
1931 Established the Shiraoka Agricultural Test Site (Shiraoka Research Station for Biological Science).
1937 Changed corporate name to Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.
1951 Introduced SNOWTEX® colloidal silica.
1964 Began manufacturing of melamine at the Toyama plant using a unique, high-pressure production method.
1965 Introduced the disinfectant, HILITE.
1969 Sodegaura plant opened.
1971 Opened the Central Research Institute.
1984 Introduced TARGA®, a revolutionary herbicide.
1985 Entered the pharmaceutical field with the introduction of EPATEC, an anti-inflammatory analgesic.
Introduced high-purity chemical line for the electronics industry.
1989 Established Nissan Chemical America Corporation.
1990 Introduced SIRIUS®, single-application herbicide.
1991 Nissan Chemical Europe established. SANMITE®, an acaricide, is introduced.
1994 LANDEL, an anti-hypertension agent, is introduced.
PERMIT®, a herbicide for corn crops, is introduced.
1996 Nissan Chemical Houston Corporation established.
2002 Opened the Specialty Materials Research Laboratories.
2018 Changed corporate name to Nissan Chemical Corporation.