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Emerging Trends and Growing Demands

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The fields of bio-manufacturing, microfluidics, and medical devices are rapidly evolving, driven by a relentless pursuit of higher quality, enhanced longevity, and consistent reproducibility. In these areas, the stakes are high: from drug development to diagnostic testing, the accuracy and reliability of results are paramount. With the advent of personalized medicine and advanced therapies, the need for precision in handling minuscule biological samples is more critical than ever. This push for excellence is further accentuated by the increasing potency of biomedical materials, the rising costs associated with high-tech research, and the trend towards ultra-low volume analyses in laboratories. The ability to capture, measure, and process every single particle in these minute volumes is not just a technical requirement; it’s a cornerstone for groundbreaking therapeutics, diagnostics and other life science applications.

Challenges in Traditional Methods

In the quest for precision and efficiency, the life sciences industry faces a significant hurdle: the unwanted adhesion of biological entities like cells, nucleic acids, and peptides. This issue cuts across various sectors, from pharmaceutical research to medical devices to diagnostic assays. Traditional materials designed to minimize adhesion often fall short in the highest performance applications. They fail to consistently suppress adhesion leading to significant losses in sample material and, consequently, in data quality and reliability. This inefficiency is prominent in analytic assays and experiments where high fidelity and accuracy are non-negotiable. The result is a gap in the capability of current materials to meet the demanding standards of cutting-edge biotechnology applications.

prevelex®: Unleashing Innovation in Anti-adhesion Materials

prevelex® emerges as a game-changer in this landscape. This premium ultra-low adhesion coating distinguishes itself through its exceptional resistance, reproducibility, and durability. It represents a significant advancement over traditional anti-adhesion materials, offering a new level of performance that aligns with the stringent demands of cutting-edge scientific research. prevelex® is particularly advantageous for applications in cell culture, medical devices and biomanufacturing. It’s unique composition ensures minimal interference with the recovery of biological samples and accuracy of analytical methods. The coating’s versatility extends its utility across various substrates, from glass to polystyrene to PDMS, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications in biomanufacturing, diagnostics, and medical device fabrication. By effectively addressing the challenges of particle adhesion, prevelex® paves the way for more accurate, reliable, and efficient laboratory processes, contributing significantly to the advancement of scientific research and industrial applications in the life sciences sector.

  • Exceptional Versatility: prevelex® is applied through a simple 3-step process that is amenable to multiple materials. Cell culture flasks, conical tubes, deep well plates have been tested across various substrates including glass, polystyrene, polypropylene, PDMS and more
  • Unparalleled Resistance: prevelex® sets a new standard in anti-adhesion coatings by ensuring your containers, microchannels and devices remain pristine and uncontaminated with extended lifespans and diminished degradation compared to conventional coatings.
  • Efficiency Boost: Ideal for demanding, high-value experiments where every particle counts, prevelex® coatings save time and resources, allowing for quicker, more reliable outcomes. 5-10 nm coating thickness allows maximum conformation to surface shapes with minimal changes effective volume of low-volume containers and microfluidic applications.
  • Rigorous Testing: Undergoing extensive testing and quality assurance, prevelex® maintains a high standard of consistency and reproducibility for your experiments and is safe for clinical use. Trusted by researchers and institutions around the world prevelex® has been used in a number of peer-reviewed publications covering several applications from cell culture to microfluidics.

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