Cell Culture Materials

The FCeM® brand of products constitute Cell Culture Materials that is based on our proprietary functional polymer (FP) for 3D suspension culture of anchorage independent cells. Our flagship polymer FP is a gellan gum-based polysaccharide that is utilized for suspension culture of anchorage independent cells. The polymer is highly versatile and very convenient for culturing a wide array of cell types. It does not alter the viscosity of the media and disperses cell spheres in suspension. It revolutionizes the 3D culture of high-quality ES/iPS cells, cancer cells and tumor spheroids by eliminating the need for substrate or coating for cell culture. We have developed several products for custom media preparation and mass production of cells using our FP polymer.


FCeM® Preparation Kit

FCeM® Preparation Kit consists of all the components needed to transform any 2D media into a 3D media for suspension culture of ES and iPS cells. Nissan Chemical’s flagship FP polymer, included in the FCeM® Preparation Kit, prevents sedimentation and enables uniform dispersion and suspension of cell spheroids in the media without the need of substrate or coatings.

Custom Media Manufacturing

For large quantities of cell culture media (50 liters or more) containing FP polymer, we can mix the polymer along with the media of your choice using our proprietary mixing technology.

FCeM® Cell Culture System

FCeM® Cell Culture System is used for mass production and maintenance of ES/iPS cells. The system is optimized with 3D cell culture medium containing FP polymer that allows for suspension culture of 3D ES/iPS cells. This single-use system makes it possible to conduct expansion culture in the order of 108 -109 cells/L.