ALUMINASOLALUMINASOL™ is a colloidal hydrous alumina with many applications for catalysts, fiberglass, fabrics, textiles and synthetic fibers.

ALUMINASOL comes in one type, ALUMINASOL 200.

Applications of ALUMINASOL

ALUMINASOL has a wide variety of industrial applications such as:

  • Binding of inorganic textiles
  • Anti-static treatment of fabrics and threads
  • Cation emulsification
  • May be used as a binder in the manufacture of alumina catalyst carrier

Properties of ALUMINASOL

Having a predominantly thixotropic character, ALUMINASOL exhibits a wide viscosity range within the same concentration. ALUMINASOL is highly resistant to heat and has a powerful film-forming capacity. The colloidal alumina particles have a positive charge. These particles are attracted to surfaces of substances with a negative charge and allow other negative substances to adhere as well.

ALUMINASOL can add anti-static properties, heat resistance, bonding strength, film forming capacity and adhesion to the products it is applied to.

Specific Gravity 1.09 – 1.14
Viscosity (20°C) 50 – 3,000
Al2O3 (wt%) 10.0
pH 4.0-6.0
Stabilizer Acetic acid
Electric Charge Positive
Crystal Form Amorphous
Appearance Milky white

Note: These are typical properties of ALUMINASOL.