NCA Life Sciences Materials

Nissan Chemical Corporation has combined its unparalleled expertise in precision organic synthesis, polymer design, nano-particle technology and biological evaluation to develop game-changing innovations. Our solutions benefit regenerative medicine development, drug discovery and several other life sciences industries. Products in this division include functional 3D cell culture polymers, supplements for cell culture, systems for mass production of cells and advanced polymer coatings for anti-adhesion of cells, proteins and peptides. These products are used in cell culture research, cell therapy, drug discovery, bioprocessing and diagnostics.

The products in our life sciences portfolio include the following:

  • FCeM® series of products constitute functional polymers that enable 3D suspension culture, supplements for ES/iPS cell culture and systems for mass production of ES/iPS cells.
  • prevelex® polymeric coatings are applicable on a wide variety of substrates to prevent adhesion of cells, proteins, and peptides. The coatings neutralize surface energy, inhibit non-specific binding and develop a hydrophilic membrane on the surface after hydration.

The products are marketed globally to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academic and research institutions, government entities and other facilities.