Through patented production technologies Nissan Chemical has developed an  unprecedented water-based zirconia sol.  NanoUse ® ZR offers excellent stability at a high concentration with the following points of interest:

  • The primary particle size of zirconia in sol is around 7 nm and exists as micro-colloidal zirconia in a globular aggregate form which has a large surface area with excellent binding properties.
  • It reaches its equipotential point at pH 5.5~6.5 and is stable in acid and alkali systems.
  • Because alkali zirconia sol has properties similar to silica sol, it can be mixed with silica sol. Acidic zirconia sol can be mixed with alumina sol.
  • Acidic zirconia sol exhibits good compatibility with alcohols.
  • It does not contain chloride ions (Cl), as conventional zirconia sols do.
  • High baking strength as well as good burning strength can be achieved.

Additionally, we provide a hybrid sol with an enriched binder function and a micro-particle sol that is doped by yttria so that you can choose the one that suits your specific application.

Properties and applications of NanoUse ZR

NanoUse ZR TEM

  • Adherability and coating
  • Hydrophilicity; Antistatic property
  • Impregnating and filling capability
  • Cationic and anionic property
  • Fire-deterrent property
  • Binding and adherence
  • Reactivity
  • Heat resistance, fire resistance
  • Ion exchangeability (inorganic ion-exchange member)
  • Anti-corrosiveness
  • Abradability
  • High specific surface area
  • Chemical resistance
  • High refractive index
  • Deodorizing capability

Particularly effective in the following applications:

  • Binder for titanium precision casting
  • Electrodes and solid electrolyte for fuel cells
  • Carrier and binder for the synthetic catalysts and fuel cells
  • Carrier and binder for automotive catalysts
  • Filler having a high refractive index for coating materials
  • Micro-filler for nanometer composite
  • Binder for molding fire deterrent members and ceramics
  • Raw materials for fine ceramics
  • Polishing slurry
  • Surface-treatment agent for ceramics and metals