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Semiconductor Packaging CMOS


  • Polishing, cleaning agents
  • Bottom anti-reflection layer
  • Lattice-pattern adhesive
  • Etching rate control


  • Temporary adhesive for wafer thinning
  • Overcoating for PCB
  • Ultra fine metal line
  • Microchip self-alignment solutions

 CMOS image sensor

  • Imprinting lens
  • Micro lens array
  • Undercoating for CF
  • Hi-refractive index  layer
  • Planarization layer
LED Battery Display Flexible Electronics


  • Thermally stable epoxy molding
  • Reflector resin
  • Light-extraction layer
  • Anti-sulfur coating
  • Nano roughness process


  • Inter Layer for low resistance
  • Better adhesion
  • Binder for Si Anode


  • LC alignment layer
  • HIL for OLED
  • AR hard coating
  • Dielectric layer
  • Super-hydrophilic anti-fog coating
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • UV-patternable retarder

Flexible electronics

  • Thermally stable transparent substrate
  • Overcoating for touch panel
  • Glass etching resist
  • In-process protection film
  • Mechanical debonding process