Our Mission

Our team excels at finding and creating disruptive technology on behalf of Nissan Chemical group. We devise material business plans and perform:

  • Technology scouting
  • Evaluation
  • Negotiation
  • Market study
  • Joint-project management

Our team consists of experts in business development that are well connected with Nissan Chemical VIPs, ensuring prompt decision-making processes for our partners.

Who is Nissan Chemical?

Nissan Chemical, one of the oldest and most dynamic chemical companies in Japan, provides performance materials (electronic, inorganic, and organic materials) that harness ultra-fine particle control and functional polymer design technologies. Nissan Chemical also specializes in life-science products, including agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals that employ fine organic synthesis and biological evaluation technologies.

With our powerful R&D investment and concentration strategies, Nissan Chemical has leading products in each industry.

Nissan Chemical America Corporation is our subsidiary in the US, carrying out silica nano-particle sales, manufacturing, and new business development.


Our policy on business development is a win-win collaboration with our partners. We not only look for new innovative technologies, but also search for strategic partners who leverage our technologies to create new businesses.


Nissan Chemical America Corporation
101 Metro Drive, Suite 325
San Jose, CA 95110

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