U.S. Patent No. 10,557,078 B2, entitled, “BRINE RESISTANT SILICA SOL” was issued to Nissan Chemical America Corporation on February 11, 2020. The inventor is John Edmond Southwell from Glen Ellyn, Illinois.


A brine resistant silica sol is described and claimed. This brine resistant silica sol comprises an aqueous colloidal silica mixture that has been surface functionalized with at least one moiety selected from the group consisting of a monomeric hydrophilic organosilane, a mixture of mono­meric hydrophilic organosilane(s) and monomeric hydro­phobic organosilane(s), or a polysiloxane oligomer, wherein the surface functionalized brine resistant aqueous colloidal silica sol passes at least two of three of these brine resistant tests: API Brine Visual, 24 Hour Seawater Visual and API Turbidity Meter.

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